First Reconciliation, Communion & Confirmation

For Children and Youth

Sacramental Programs:


First Reconciliation:

Opportunities for First Reconciliation are normally offered in second grade. Any older child who has not previously received this sacrament, please notify the Faith Formation Coordinator immediately so that arrangements can be made.

First Holy Communion:

Opportunities for First Holy Communion are normally offered in second grade. Preparation for First Holy Communion begins when preparation for First Reconciliation is finished. This is offered to all second graders and to any older child that has not previously received the sacrament.


Although immediate focus on the sacrament of Confirmation takes place in 11th grade, adequate completion of 9th and 10th grade Faith Formation is a pre-requisite for receiving this sacrament. Confirmation preparation includes attendance at weekly classes, a retreat, discernment, reflection, and prayer. Confirmation will take place in the eleventh grade. 








For More Information Contact Connie DeMeuse (920)-393-3773

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