Green Bay Diocese Museum

When you visit the Green Bay Diocese Museum you will have the special opportunity to learn about the founding of the Diocese and view artifacts of all the bishops of the Green Bay Diocese.

Other displays include a collection of relics, an array of items about the sacraments, vestments of exquisite beauty and religious sacramental artifacts exemplifying the devotion and artistic skills of the early immigrants. 

Photographs and artifacts follow the development and story of Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral from 1851 until present day.

The Green Bay Diocese Museum is open every Sunday after the 9:00 a.m. Mass until 11am and by request when you call 920.432.4348.



An interactive touch screen Kiosk (computer terminal) is now available which allows access to information about the history of the Catholic Church in Northeastern Wisconsin and the development of the Green Bay Diocese from 1868 to the present.