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Chosen Season 3

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Study of "The Chosen - Season 3"

                               Sunday Afternoon Matinee
                                  March 12th - April 2nd
                                     1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Come and encounter Jesus in The Chosen Season 3 for four Sunday afternoons.  It may be a new or a continued curiosity about the life of Jesus and those that followed him when he walked the earth.  It will make the Gospel come alive.  This series has the potential to give you a better understanding of Jesus as God and man.  Each session will encompass viewing two episodes and then learning the scripture which inspired the episodes.  Please contact
Jan Phillips or Ann Kieltyka by sending an email to


Bible Study Opportunities:

We have a few small group Bible Studies forming in our parish. Please contact Dcn. Conrad Kieltyka - for more information.

                                Pilgrimage Opportunities:

If you have any ideas for a pilgrimage or if you'd like to promote one that is happening in our area, please let the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Parish know. Contact Dcn. Conrad Kieltyka at 432-4348 or with questions or comments.



Stir the Waters
"The Chosen" Bible Study

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral
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